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Skywalker was first exhibited outdoors at the Aldrich Museum . The shadows behind the heads were made of a black lucite that reflected the sky. Nine, 30 foot long felt vines were hand cut and tethered to cast rocks that were dug 3 feet into the ground. In his catalog essay of the show “Intricacy”, Greg Lynn (architect, GLForm) terms Skywalker’s way of building as a “fused form” and states: “although the content of Collura’s women’s faces in their agonizing expressions come from classical sources, their multiplication, mutation, and fusion constitutes and altogether new form of sculptural cohesion”

installation view at the ICA Philadelphia’s Intricacy show

9 components; 22x22x12 inches each, installation dimensions variable
Stainless steel, wood, epoxy putty, aquaresin, plexiglass, felt, forton, paint.
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