The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts


While designing Diminution, I was interested in translating how the reduction occurs in linear perspective drawings –such as when an object appears to become smaller as the space between the viewer and the object increases – could be experienced in three dimensions.  Using a table made to accommodate two feet by two feet of working space, I set up a charged situation by instigating myself into the persona of the laborer, as I shaped 200 pounds of densely packed sand into a conical form about thirty inches tall.  The sand and its structure modify itself through the aid of a device located on the underside of the table that randomly sends a vibration throughout the material.  This pulsing effect acts like a tide that intermittently washes away a sandcastle from the shore.  Like the sandcastle, the status of the form that it shapes is fleeting.  Each time the structure falls, its form changes and is rebuilt using the remaining sand left on the table.  What intrigues me about this process is that it produces a revolving visual manifestation of continuation and duration instigated by the material of time.


5' (H) x 2' (W) x 2' (D)
Sand, Wood, Jig Saw, Arduino
Year Created: