The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Deaf Talk Within (Tie Brandow)

Deaf Talk Within, Tie, #1

This mini-series of six watercolors is situated within the larger series, "Skin, Hair, Water & Earth," a collection of 50 watercolors that explores, comments, debates and illustrates skin, hair, water, and earth. This mini-series presents the 22 things my deaf friends would say to the hearing. Though it was suggested to me that I remove, or "tone down" some of the things in and represented in the paintings. I did not make the changes.  I presume the suggested changes were to ease the candid voice and lessen the impact to the hearing, upon reading what a married couple, who is deaf, would say to the hearing world. But I did not change the words of Tie and Tim Brandow, nor those of their hearing interpreter. 

22x 30 inches
watercoloir on paper
Year Created: