The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts


The piece entitled Contrivance, alludes to the interactions that particular objects may have within our environment.  To do this, I intentionally cast hundreds of low-density concrete forms into a towering vertical system.  The concrete forms sit in the place of the iconic Lincoln Log toys.  Using the same interlocking and building method synonymous with the classic toy parts, Contrivance’s cast concrete pieces share the same distortive qualities with its wood counterpart.  As the concrete pieces are assembled higher, the form begins to shift on its axis, creating a literal and visual indicator of instability.  Contrivance is seen somewhere between a singular and plural form, as many of my concepts use a personal narrative, memory or sensation I have connected to adolescence or adulthood as a connecting point for building form.  By having Contrivance originate from a singular toy made into a public reference, my aim was to personalize and analyze the affective nature of parts under pressure.



Varies (H) x 14" (W) x 14" (D)
Cast Cement, wood
Year Created: