The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts


When designing Connection it was increasingly important that the physical engagement with the piece became a part of the experience.  To underscore a topological sense of one transition merging into another, I designed and built a bridge that would reflect my past working experience as a journeyman welder and the present role of becoming an artist.  I decided to use the light atmospheric blue color because I felt it would help convey a more visually playful expression.  This color was also a nod to the bridge building industry, referring to anti-corrosive paint that is standard throughout most of the country.  Similarly the scale also has a simultaneous reference for, although the form has a human scale, it can be seen as a mock-up for a larger structure, or it could be viewed as an expanded version of a small-scale replica or model.  With this piece, I was interested in trying to get the viewer to think about the movement and crossing of a bridge as a metaphor for thought and form where the entry point into both is unrestricted and available on both ends.  By encouraging the viewer to walk on and interact with the piece, the structural bridge becomes a conceptual and experimental vehicle of connection creating a sense of transition from one memory or association to the next.


18" (H) x 2' (W) x 20' (L)
Year Created: