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America's Pastime: Trucks

America's Pastime: Truck Series

For as long as I can remember, baseball has always been an important part of my life. Using the symbol of the baseball bat as the impetus for form, I set about creating a project comprised of 15 baseball bats. Entitled America's Pastime, the project is three groups that make up the overall series: Campers, Trucks and Strippers.   The bats are categorized into these three areas and were designed to best illustrate the title of each chosen piece.  Each individual bat was hand turned on a wood lathe to the size and measurements of the original Louisville Slugger I had as a kid and then inlayed with patterns using a variety of different wood species. Several of the pieces have personal resonance with my life while others are less personal. America’s Pastime series: Campers, Trucks and Strippers are an investigation into the exploratory fascinations of entertainment, history and culture in America.

Images: Antonella Crescimbeni

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