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Yen-Ju Lin Receives Government Scholarship for Study Abroad from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan

Yenju Lin

Art Education graduate student Yen-Ju Lin received a 2014 Government Scholarship for Study Abroad from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. The scholarship recognizes and provides financial assistance to outstanding Taiwanese graduate students in the research and writing phases of their dissertation. The scholarship is determined through a review of applicants’ scholarly record and the potential of the proposed research to advance the field of study. Yen-Ju was selected as one of the recipients in the field of Arts and Cultural Heritage for her dissertation, "Designing Event Potentials for Museum Visitors with Information and Communication Technologies," an action research that aims to understand the process of designing event potentials with information and communication technology (ICT) in a museum context. Event potentials are media’s capacity to facilitate emergent knowledge by making social and cultural associations visible in a pedagogic assemblage. In this study, Lin designed the ICTs for gallery conversations about the Surveying Judy Chicago: Five Decades exhibition at the Palmer Museum of Art to investigate how ICTs as actors with event potentials translate the exhibition from an assemblage of events/meanings into a dialogical space of emergent knowledge.