The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Our Esteemed Colleague Charolette Waltz Announces Her Retirement

Charolette Waltz

Yes, it’s true. Charolette Waltz has announced her retirement, effective July 2013. We are delighted for the opportunities retirement will bring to Charolette, and very sad at the same time to see her go. Charolette has touched the lives of many art educators who have passed through our SoVA hallways, always available to lend a helping hand and guidance when necessary, always with a warm heart and gentle smile. Charolette is a valuable part of our staff, with more than 35 years of experience at the University, including nearly 20 years in SoVA. Her patience, understanding and carefree spirit will very much be missed.

“Charolette Waltz is our institutional memory,” said the Art Education faculty. “She is the most reliable source of information for offbeat questions from current or prospective students and the person who knows how things are done within the University. We rely indisputably on her expertise with policy matters regarding our program, school, college, and the Graduate School. Charolette is never without a smile or cheerful attitude when assuming new requests from faculty and students to process paperwork, schedule courses, or answer procedural and programmatic questions.” 

Mary Corman, Charolette’s immediate supervisor, had this to say: When I arrived in SoVA, Charolette was the sole staff member located in the Arts Cottage; she had a full understanding of Art Education program needs that enabled her to manage her workload and job responsibilities independently. As time passed, we were faced with organizational changes and Charolette’s position evolved from one of service to a program to that of a team member serving the entire school. As a supervisor, I could not have asked for a better response to these changes than the one displayed by Charolette--always professional, flexible, anticipatory, and energized!  Charolette will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

Though we are sad to see her go, Charolette will now get to spend valuable family time with her already-retired husband Cliff, her daughter Loni, two sons Travis and Brady, and two grandsons Lucas and Tanner, the lights of her life.

Charolette, we wish you many years of retirement bliss. Your SoVA Community salutes you!