The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Topoanalysis Exhibition by Ann Tarantino

Ann Tarantino Topoanalysis

Mixed Greens is thrilled to present a site-specific installation by Pennsylvania-based artist Ann Tarantino. The intricate, laser-cut patterns in Topoanalysis fill the windows, interrupting the colored light emanating from behind the glass.

For the past decade, Tarantino has made works on paper that obliquely and simultaneously reference the language of natural science and that of information visualization. The delicate patterning in her imagery is influenced by her time living in Japan and her deep interest in the human body; the marks conjure the nervous system, tidal pools, sea creatures, electrical impulses, coded communication, underground networks, and aerial maps. To create these fertile abstractions, Tarantino has developed a labor-intensive process involving her own breath. Using ink and a straw, she creates delicate webs that suggest replication and growth, exploring her place in the world and what it looks like to be alive.

In recent years, Tarantino has made works that fully explore the physicality of drawing by using the architecture of her exhibition space as her canvas. Chance phenomena, cracks, curves, and moldings influence her as much as the foliage, social networks, and technology present on the site. The resulting piece is part of the fabric of the building.

In Topoanalysis, Tarantino integrates her drawing into the architecture once again. Responding to the site, she moves
away from the hand and employs technology to create laser-cut gestures that veil the Mixed Greens windows. Although this puzzle is ultimately drawn with a machine, she successfully utilizes science to create an organic, unexpected experience on 26th Street. The associations conjured in her hand drawings remain, with the windows simultaneously appearing fractured, overgrown, and teeming with living organisms, all the while filtering a mysterious light from within.

This site-specific window installation was installed at Mixed Greens March 21 - May 24, 2013. For more information, please contact or

Text courtesy of Mixed Greens