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Tom Lauerman Presents at National Forum on Future Trends in 3D Printing

Lauerman 3D Printing

Penn State is hosting a National Forum on Additive Manufacturing (AM) Education and Training, Oct 11-12, 2016. As a form of ‘additive’ manufacturing, 3D printing is opening up new realms of material and creative freedom in fabricating totally new forms and functions. 3D Printing is challenging not only what we design but how we design, and our educational paradigms have struggled to keep pace. We need to rethink not only how we educate our students in engineering, design, and related fields to use 3D printing technology to its fullest, but also retrain the existing workforce to take advantage of the design flexibility that additive manufacturing enables. Penn State and America Makes are on the leading edge of this paradigm shift in AM education and training, and the national forum includes a line-up of academic and industry speakers and panelists. The focus is on current educational efforts within universities and community colleges, with input from industry leaders concerning challenges that they encounter in their industry.

Penn State School of Visual Arts Professor Tom Lauerman will discuss his perspective on 3D printing and innovations being explored across areas of art, design and engineering in a panel discussion "3D Printing in Art & Design: Alternative Approaches to Making," Tuesday, October 11, 3:30 PM . Click here to see an example of Tom’s 3D clay printer, Bricoleur, in action.