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SoVA's Patterson Space is Sure to Please

Daphne Smallwood BFA Exhibition Patterson Gallery

Daphne Smallwood's Senior B.F.A. Exhibition, Carnal Knowledge, will be on display in the SoVA's Patterson Gallery, January 20-24. The exhibition will feature a combination of two-dimensional self portraits that seek to illustrate Smallwood's relationship with herself, others, and her spirituality. A reception will take place Thursday, January 23, beginning at 6 p.m.

Armed with oil-based paint, wood, and canvas, Smallwood aims to evoke emotion from her viewers through her creations. "I seek to explore how people identify themselves through physical, spiritual, and emotional interactions," said Smallwood. "Specifically my exhibit aims to uncover the fleshly bonds or lack thereof that I have with people, myself, and God. My show serves as a vessel, giving an image and a voice to many things in my life that have remained silent."

A Northern Philadelphia native, Smallwood has been exposed to different mediums and techniques from an early age, and has been interested in drawing and painting since high school.  A first-generation college student who hopes to break the cycle of familial poverty through art, Smallwood plans to attend graduate school and hopes to teach at the college level one day.  She also hopes to open a non-profit arts organization later in life, dedicated to helping low-income African American youth express themselves.  In addition to the B.F.A. degree, Smallwood is also pursuing a minor in Psychology.

The B.F.A. degree provides preparation in art that enables students to pursue a professional career through immediate involvement in personal creative work and possible entry to graduate study. Students in the B.F.A. program have the opportunity to pursue a concentration in one of the following areas of studio art: ceramics, drawing and painting, new media, photography, printmaking, or sculpture. As part of their program, B.F.A. students are required to produce a body of work that represents sustained engagement in a series of conceptual and technical issues of their own making and to present their work in a public exhibition. Like a fine-tuned collaborative ensemble, or cryptic poetry that relies on the simplicity of impact, the unusual space of the Patterson Gallery provides each artist with a unique challenge in bringing the space alive. And how the undergraduate artists go about showcasing their ideas, images, and objects never ceases to surprise.