The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

SoVA Senior Victoria Brown Partners with First Street Green Through Arts Job Training Program

John Bowman, Ann Shostrom, Victoria Brown

Victoria Brown, a Penn State School of Visual Arts senior, participated in the Lower East Side Cultural Corridor Arts Jobs Training Program (LES-AJT) in New York City. For her training, Victoria was partnered with First Street Green, a community organization devoted to cultural programming started by Penn State School of Visual Arts faculty John Bowman and Ann Shostrom.

“From posting on social media and creating posters to working hands-on setting up for A Midsummer Night's Dream with Quirky Productions, Victoria was a fully engaged member of the FSG team,” said Shostrom.

During her residency in the program, Victoria developed skills and experience in arts administration, special event planning, and marketing in the arts. “This was fun for me,” said Victoria, “because it showed me all the communication and teamwork that is involved in making something happen for the community. The program helped us to build our resumes, and taught us about empowerment.

I met an array of unique people, some who are in college, some who aren't, and we were all from different backgrounds, yet shared the same hunger for experience and a job in the arts. It is possible for truly passionate and driven artists to make their dreams come true.”

Cecilie Noreng, LES-AJT program director, chose Victoria to speak at the recent graduation ceremony. The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center (Clemente) sponsors the program in collaboration with Fourth Arts Block (FAB).