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SoVA Professor, Alumni Featured in Chicago Exhibition Representing Contemporary Wearable Art

Collura Armor For White Lights

Penn State School of Visual Arts (SoVA) Professor Bonnie Collura, along with two SoVA alumni, are participating in the group exhibition Adorn: Contemporary Wearable Art on display in Chicago's Woman Made Gallery through October 29. This exhibition showcases innovative works that challenge the traditions of jewelry, fashion, and wearable art as both “personal adornment and public sculpture” (Victoria Golmesky NYTimes).

"I'm very excited to participate in Adorn: Contemporary Wearable Art. Not only will it signify the first time my work is formally contextualized in relation to wearable sculpture, but its inclusion will be surrounded by impressive SoVA alumni talent," said Collura of the show. Katie Hovencamp ('14 MFA), and Christine Bruening ('15 BFA) have work included in the exhibition as well.

Collura's piece Armor for White Light was made over the course of two years, with the assistance of Elizabeth Fontaine ('13 BFA). Intricate line patterns were traced onto muslin from former drawings. These tracings were scribed in pencil onto the muslin, filled with black ink, and sewn over with white threads. Rectangular paper textures encrust sections of these muslin pieces, their shape and position inspired by samurai warrior armor. These small "nuggets" are cut and sewn onto the muslin, and represent the last 10 years of Collura's finished drawings. "As my body engages with the airbrushed paper and drawn lines on the cloth, layers fold into undulating surfaces in space creating an animated picture," said Collura. "In this way, my body fills up the interior space of the garment to choreograph the curvature of the garment's folds. While I have sculpted aspects of a morphing skin in previous static work, this will be the first instance where my actual body becomes a sculptural tool to create a final form's movement."


Title of photo:   Wearing Armor for White Light: To Tie, To Stand, To Perform

Photo credits: Eric Margusity (’14 B. Des.) and Anna Margush (’15 MFA)


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