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SoVA’s Special Topics Course Listing, Fall 2016

3D Clay Printing

The School of Visual Arts is offering three Special Topics courses in Fall semester that feature unique learning experiences and experimental approaches to exploring your creativity. Courses include investigations in 3D printing, inventive forming methods in ceramics, and reflective studio-based projects that explore the intersections of art and life. 

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Art 297: The Art of 3D Printing (3D Printing for Artists and Designers)
T / Th 11:15 – 2:15. 3 Credits
105 Arts Cottage
Tom Lauerman, Assistant Professor of Art.

The Art of 3D Printing (3D Printing for Artists and Designers introduces students to a range of approaches to explore the potential of 3D printing as a vehicle for creative expression. 3D Printing combines computer-based methods of digital design with creative explorations in different materials such as solid forms of bio-plastics and soft material such as clay. Students will be introduced to art and design projects that explore hands-on printing with both of these hard and soft materials in individual and collaborative projects that explore a range of interdisciplinary themes. Beginners welcome!

Art 397: Creative Vessels
T / Th 2:30 – 5:30. 3 Credits
101 Ceramics Building
Chris Staley, Distinguished Professor of Art (Ceramics)

Creative Vessels combines throwing and hand-building techniques in creative ways to make functional and non-functional vessels that focus on individual self-expression. Students will be introduced to methods of forming vessels that exploit the unique aspects of shaping clay through the motion of the wheel while considering imaginative ways of combining vessels with other approaches to clay construction. Hand building techniques using slab, coil, pressed mold, etc will provide a different vocabularly of expressive clay making methods for students to build, shape and decorate ceramic vessels that explore unique ideas and themes.   

Art 497: Art + Life (Art + Life: Where They Intersect)
T / TH 11:15 – 2:15. 4 Credits
234 Theatre Building
Chris Staley, Distinguished Professor of Art (Ceramics)
Co-taught by B. Stephen Carpenter, Professor of Art Education

Art and Life: Where they Intersect, focuses on interdisciplinary areas that address notions of creative and critical thinking and studio practice and how these perspectives can influence what an artist creates. Themes and ideas draw from interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches to creativity that are linked to themes in sociology; material theories of art, expressive aesthetics and introspective perspectives from psychology, and other forms of creative agency found in the arts and social sciences. The content of the course includes both studio projects and critical readings and reflections. Taking risks is expected.