The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Robert Yarber’s Epic Drawings

Robert Yarber, Distinguished Professor of Art, is currently completing the final artworks in preparation for his solo exhibition of drawings to be shown at the Alex Daniels/ Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam in November. Titled Panic Pending, the show is of an epic drawing cycle that brings together themes, methods, and stories into a mix of image connections, oblique references, and curious realms of meaning. The exhibition will be accompanied by a book to which Yarber has contributed several essays and a related film project, Shape Shifter, which is in production. Some of the themes Professor Yarber explores in his current series of projects were included in a paper, The Gates of Nox: The Figure of the Night against the Hegemony of Meaning in Solar Culture,  which he presented in New York at School of Visual Art’s Twenty-Sixth Annual “Word/Image” Conference in October 2012. Those who saw Professor Yarber perform with students in a thrasher rock-noise band he headed called “Captain Bob and the Psychopomps” at Arts Crawl in 2013 will be familiar with the unique way he puts play, passion, and paradox in the mix.

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