The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Lindsey Landfried Solo Exhibition in Berlin and Europe

Landfried Headshot

Penn State School of Visual Arts MFA graduate student Lindsey Landfried's solo exhibition, SCRIPTURE, is on display through November 14 at KWADRAT Berlin. Landfried makes works on paper that range from intimate to landscape scale. Composed of dense nets of loop-like marks, the work, whether hand-held or stretching across a gallery floor, is equally in dialogue with minimalism and the language of data processing and visualization. At once intimate and monumental, rendered with everyday tools such as pens and acrylic paint, the work creates shimmering worlds through tenuous topographies of tiny gestures, interwoven with bits of personal history and contemporary questions.

Sometimes folded, sometimes flat; alternately on the floor, on the wall, or in space; the works defy traditional notions of “drawing” while also embracing them. The larger works appear as precarious as hand-knit sweaters or heirloom afghans that could be unraveled if one could only find the slipped stitch. Smaller works are darker, denser, more tightly woven, and perhaps trickier to unwind. The loops—cheerful, anti-heroic gestures—remain the common thread. Viewers are invited to search for them as they appear and reappear, transparent or opaque, black or brightly colored, stretching across each surface like a code to be cracked, a field to be entered, a tome to be read.

Making reference to mechanized mass-production processes as well as traditional craftsmanship, Landfried questions repetition: does it beget alienation or expertise? Does it matter? We seek these answers as we enter these fields of information, sure that they must be written in the drawings.

Landfried recently completed a one-year fellowship in Berlin, Germany, awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for artistic practice. Her work has been supported by the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, the Matson Endowment, and the Vermont Studio Center. Landfried is a MacDowell Colony Fellow and a Pittsburgh Flight School Fellow, and has exhibited widely throughout the United States and Europe.