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Late Harvest by Paul Chidester and Rudy Shepherd

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UnSmoke Systems Artspace presents Late Harvest, a two-person exhibition of recent works by Penn State School of Visual Arts Professors Rudy Shepherd and Paul Chidester. Late Harvest celebrates alternative notions of abundance when conventional ones are called into question. Against the backdrop of historically extractive industrial processes, opportunities now exist for redefinitions of value that require drastically alternate ways of seeing. Shepherd and Chidester put forth their unique visions in the context of these ongoing conversations. The exhibition is on display through December 1. Gallery hours are by appointment only.

This exhibition presents a series of recent ceramic sculptures by Rudy Shepherd called the "Healing Devices" that follow the launch of his "Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber" project this summer at the 2015 Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh. In these works, Shepherd employs small sculptures as containers for negative emotions and conduits to better, kinder worlds.  Having scatological, toy-like and phallic appearances, these small-scale works are meant to evoke prehistoric tools and archaeological artifacts commonly found on display at natural history museums.

Also on view are new paintings by Paul Chidester that follow his solo exhibition, Tectonica, at Future Tenant, Pittsburgh, in September 2014. Taking subject matter culled from his psychogeographical urban walks, these new paintings re-envision such non-sites and attempt to place value on a variety of commonly overlooked landscape features. His idiosyncratic depiction of these familiar, prosaic subjects is ultimately about reframing the perception of such places through a form of enchantment.

UnSmoke Systems Artspace, located in Braddock, PA, is a project of Braddock Redux. Inspired by the industrial character and the historical importance of Braddock, the project seeks to generate positive and intrepid ideas about the reuse of urban space. In a town where dilapidation and neglect have scarred the landscape, UnSmoke Systems contends that Braddock is fertile ground for creativity.

Text courtesy of UnSmoke Systems Artspace. For complete exhibition details, click here.


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