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The 54th Annual Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh will host Instabiles by assistant professor Andrew Hieronymi and instructor and SoVA alum Ian Brill. Instabiles is an open-air interactive installation in which passersby can participate by generating motions through a virtual kinetic construction in front of a camera. The mobile they create is invisible but its simulated projected shadow will take off and spin upward along the side of a building. The installation will be on display June 7-16, 2013. 

Participants enter the capture area and see a silhouette of themselves projected on the wall of a building. Through their movements they generate a mobile. They see a visual representation of the shadow of the mobile alongside their silhouette as if the mobile was generated in real space. Once the shape generation stage is over, the mobile takes off and spins upwards. A projected shadow of the mobile is seen on the wall, giving the illusion that a mobile exists (albeit invisibly) in the installation space.

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