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Indira Bailey Recieves Clyde M. McGeary Scholarship

Indira Bailey

Indira Bailey, Ph.D. candidate in Penn State School of Visual Arts' Art Education department, is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Art Education Association's (PAEA) Clyde McGeary Award.

"Bailey’s doctoral research, situated in Black Feminism in the study of  contemporary African American women artists and art educators, will develop significant new scholarship on people who have been marginalized and omitted from art education and art history," said Professor Karen Keifer-Boyd, who nominated Bailey for the scholarship. "In spite of racial and gender discrimination, African-American women visual artists, including Indira Bailey, have developed powerful work that confront race, gender, and class oppression. Bailey’s research is on this visual art as knowledge to create social justice education. Placing African-American women visual artists in the center of analysis not only reveals much-needed information about Black women's experiences but also questions Eurocentric masculinist perspectives on family, community, education, power, politics, and equity."

The PAEA Fellows Clyde M. McGeary Scholarship Program presents annual scholarships to art education students in Pennsylvania colleges and universities. Cash value of the scholarships is determined by the income produced by the endowment and the number of scholarships that are awarded in any given year. Historically, at least two scholarships have been presented at each PAEA annual conference.  A grant is also available to scholarship recipients for the purpose of attending the annual PAEA conference. Grant money, not to exceed $150 for any grantee, may be used to offset registration and other travel expenses.

Bailey will be presented with the award at the annual PAEA conference October 6-9 in Philadelphia, PA.

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