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Exceeding Expectations

Graeme Sullivan, director of the Penn State School of Visual Arts, and Sarah Rich, associate professor of art history at Penn State, will be among the performers at a reading of a new interdisciplinary book by Penn State alumna Cara Judea Alhadeff on Saturday, March 22, 4:30-6 p.m. at Webster's Bookstore and Cafe in State College, PA. The book, Viscous Expectations: Justice, Vulnerability, The Ob-scene, is, according to the author, “a vast spectrum of socio-political and personal subjects that are interwoven throughout 522 pages of theoretical text and extensive footnotes that present parallel, overlapping narratives, including 92 of my color photographs and video stills… I explore this complex web as a process of multilayered storytelling in which the concept of ambiguity offers a multiplicity of clarities.”

Alhadeff received a bachelor of philosophy degree, minor in photography, from Penn State in 1995, and a doctorate in media and communications and cultural studies from the European Graduate School in 2012.

Viscous Expectations was published by Atropos Press, 2013. 

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