The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Edwin W. Zoller Gallery Presents Odd Couples

Odd Couples Show Teaser

Penn State’s School of Visual Arts is pleased to present the inter-departmental collaborative exhibition ‘Odd Couples’ in the Zoller Gallery February 22-26, curated by Aaron Ziolkowski, PhD candidate in Penn State’s Art History Department.

Relationships thrive and wither on communication- whether lovers, colleagues or friends. So too between artists, their work, and its audience. The coupled artworks in this exhibition speak through a textual intermediary. MFAs and Art Ed graduate students were invited to submit a work of art representative of their practice along with a written description. In turn they created a new work based solely on another artist’s written statement.

The difficulty of turning images into words and words into images is a perennial challenge within the disciplines of visual art, art education and art history. Whether the pairs suffer from a communication breakdown or hum with palpable chemistry is left for the audience to judge.

The opening reception, Monday February 22 at 5 pm will feature performances by Penelope Van Grinsven, Christen Sperry-Garcia, Sidney Mullis and Nikki Lau. Thursday at 2pm in the gallery, Christen will deliver an artist talk with her husband and artistic collaborator Brian Dick regarding their on-going Nationwide Museum Mascot Project (NWMMP).