The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

MFA Candidate Has Solo Exhibition at HUB

Detail Deconstructed Form; An Investigation of Silhouette, Contour & Shape

The HUB Galleries presents Deconstructed Form; An Investigation of Silhouette, Contour & Shape, a solo exhibition by Stephanie Seguin, Penn State School of Visual Arts MFA candidate. Utilizing clay, paper, and installation, Seguin creates an immersive space that is not complete until a viewer is present. Her total installation not only physically immerses the viewer but is psychologically absorptive too — much like how one gets lost in an epic novel or feels fully immersed in a movie or theatre production. By giving the viewer a sense of being engulfed by a space Seguin invites the viewer to sit and spend time with the work and to focus on his or her relationship to the objects rather than focusing on the objects alone. The exhibition is on display through December 4.

Taking into consideration the relationship of the clay and paper vessels, the proximity of the viewer, directionality of the viewer’s gaze, lighting, and shadows, Seguin attempts to create an awareness of how one’s perspective changes his or her perception. Her minimalist approach allows the viewer to inject his or her own subjectivity and perceive the work through his or her own projections and interpretations.

Seguin’s installation includes nearly 100 clay and paper vessels. The cast paper forms mimic the hand-built clay vessels to create a form of after-image and build tension between the differing visual textures and weights. Seguin deliberately chose to work with clay, paper, and wood in this exhibition as these materials are seen frequently through historical and contemporary design, and using them allows her to bridge the familiar with the unfamiliar.

Seguin earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics at Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2009. She has since been an apprentice in Whitefish, Montana, studio assistant and instructor at Maho Bay Clay Works on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands; and workshop and facility assistant at La Maridiana, International School of the Ceramic Arts in Italy.

Text courtesy of HUB Galleries; Image courtesy of Stephanie Swindle.