The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Congratulations SoVA Undergraduates: Class of 2014

Dalton Kendrick, Class Marshall, and Ghi Fremaux, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art

Penn State’s weekend of graduation celebrations saw many SoVA students blooming alongside spring as they stepped into a new phase of their artful lives. SoVA's first annual pre-graduation celebration saw many proud parents, friends, faculty, and fellow students join the graduates to celebrate their special day. William Snyder III, president of the SoVA Alumni Group, was on hand to offer congratulations and to welcome the graduates as Penn State School of Visual Arts Alumni. Snyder also presented graduates with a copy of Art/Work, a text authored by Heather Darcy Bhandari (SoVA alumna) and Jonathan Melber that provides comprehensive guidelines about “everything you need to know (and do) as you pursue your art career.” Snyder also introduced the new alumni website: and encouraged graduates to stay connected.

The 2014 College of Arts and Architecture commencement speaker was a good friend of SoVA, Beverly McIver, an alumna who received her M.F.A. from Penn State in 1992. McIver is the Suntrust Endowed Chair at North Carolina Central University. She delivered a stirring speech, titled, “Be Kind. Be Courageous and Be Happy,” at the commencement ceremony in Eisenhower Auditorium on Saturday, May 12. When addressing the graduates, McIver reminded everyone that “it’s creative people who shape and mold the future, but as creative beings, you have the talent to problem solve.” 

Education is a powerful tool, and the world is your canvas. Welcome to the SoVA alumni family of over 6000 members.

SoVA’s spring 2014 graduating students include (categorized by degree program):
Jessica Bonk Autumn Anderson Autumn Anderson Shannon Agredo
Ashley Calle Brooks Anderson Brooks Anderson Sarah Bailey
Ashley Chan Samantha Bachman Samantha Bachman Michelle Chau
Kelsey Couts Victoria Buchler Jenna Eiker Kathelia Clare
Laurel Crone Olivia Calef Sarah Fogg Michael Crawford
Joseph Foresman Stephen Cohen Brittany Gibson Nicole Farrell
Ashley Kenawell Daniel Ferrell Jessica Grentz Daniela Feingold
Melissa McCray D'Nae Harrison Dalton Kendrick Jeffrey Froehlich
Nathaniel Peters Michelle Holt Nicole Packard Shidika Goode
Thomas Randby Amy Horrigan Ashley Renfrew Aliyu Kawu
Yen-Ting Tseng Caroline Hubbell Jacqueline Settimio Katharine Kinderwater
  Chelsea Jones Kelsey Shields Krista Lehman
  Dalton Kendrick   Jordan Lutz
  Fang-Chieh Lai   Meredith Mayer
  Katherine Levkoff   Emily Nissim
  Kristina Mast   Jessica Paholsky
  Elaine Muller   Renee Pujol
  Nicole Packard   Hannah Shulman
  Holden Pierson   Daniel Sobel
  Eleanor Skrzat   Jenna Sweeney
  Leslie Sotomayor   Emily Van Clief
      Orhan Yilmaz
      Yan Ling Yong
      Alexis Young