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Professor Steve Carpenter to Present at The Ohio State University and in State College

Professor Carpenter working on Water Filtration project

B. Stephen Carpenter, II, professor of art education in SoVA will present a public lecture at Ohio State University's Wexner Center for the Arts on Thursday September 26.  Carpenter's talk, Water Object(ive)s: Artistic Intervention, Curriculum, and Public Pedagogy will focus on his continued research, curriculum work, and outreach initiatives in response to the global water crisis.  Annually, 3.4 million people around the world die due to water related disease. This situation, in combination with water related conditions such as inadequate access to potable water due to industrial waste, agricultural run off, droughts, and other natural or human-made contamination is known as the global water crisis. One of the leaders in this field, Carpenter molds low-cost ceramic water filters created from local materials to provide an affordable means to rendering disease-contaminated water potable.  Carpenter will discuss the global water crisis as a human-rights call to action and offer a response grounded in local materials, artistic interventions, and curricular possibilities. 

With the help of members of Reservoir Studio, Carpenter will demonstrate the production of ceramic water filters in State College on Saturday September 28 as part of the Light Step, Right Step Festival. The theme of the festival this year is Our Community Our Water.  Free and open to the public, the demonstration is meant to provoke dialogue about the global water crisis and local water concerns. For more information about the Light Step, Right Step Festival visit

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