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Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber Comes to Penn State

Rudy Shepherd's Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber at Penn State

"The idea of the Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber is to make an artwork that offers up a simple spiritual solution to the complicated, scary problems of our world. So it made sense to me to make a very large sculpture, larger than you, that you can interact with directly — something that offers its presence out in the real world that we live in and addresses you in your own space." - Rudy Shepherd.

Check out the recent Centre Daily Times feature where Penn State SoVA Associate Professor Rudy Shepherd talks about his Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber sculptures, two of which are currently on view two of which are currently on view in in Jackie Robinson Park, Harlem, NY as part of the InHarlem Program sponsored by the Studio MuseumHarlem, and Penn State's University Park Campus. 

Shepherd's Black Rock Negative Energy Absorbers are a group of sculptures with a magical function: to expunge negative energy from viewers – in the form of prejudice, racism, or even quotidian disdain – and allow them to respond to life with the more open, compassionate, and positive aspects of their personalities

Shepherd's Penn State installation is a part of the upcoming SoVA faculty exhibitions Extended Practice on display in the Palmer Museum of Art October 18 - December 11, and Extended Practice - In Site on display in SoVA's Edwin W. Zoller Gallery October 17 - November 2.

An induction ceremony to "turn on" the sculpture at Penn State is scheduled for Tuesday, September 27, 5:30 PM. The project was funded by a grant from Penn State's Institute for the Arts and Humanities.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Swindle.

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