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In Between

In Between
Penn State School of Visual Arts' Hump Day Gallery presents In Between, a collaborative installation about cultural identity and the transition between locations and cultures featuring three artists from Iran, on display through October 28.  The artists grew up in an alike culture with imagery and tradition different from the United States. Each artist ended up settling in a new environment with all the challenges and adjustments that are inherent to immigration.
In Between is an attempt to take advantage of HumpDay Gallery’s location, where many people pass through to get from one space to another; It is another in-between place and space of transition. Covering the hallway with GPS Maps, pattern and video projections from streets of Tehran, In Between confronts its audience with elements from a different place.

Participating artists include, Elham Hajesmaeili, Penn State SoVA MFA,  Farima Fooladi ('15 MFA), and Kiana Honarmand ('15 MFA). Hajesmaeili's primary focus is cultural identity and politics. In her work, Elham experiments with different materials and processes. Fooladi's work is a commentary on imagery, themes, symbols and stories from Iranian visual and literature. Honarmand's work focuses on social and political issues related to her background and cultural identity, addressing issues such as women’s problems, censorship and the Western perception of the Middle Eastern woman.