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Art Worth Steeling

Art Worth Steeling poster

ART 330: Metal Fabrication & Mixed Media present:

Art Worth Steeling

 Featuring work by:

 Mia Chen (Steel Maiden)

Julia Connelly (Axl Rosebud)

Antonella Crescimbeni (Oxy Osbourne)

Mary Cate Fruehan (Bead Company)

Bobby Hricko (Lathe No More)

Colin McGarry (AC/DC)

Sidney Mullis (MIGadeath)

Sean O’Neill (ARCosmith)

Katherine Tiernan (Mötley Cröwbar)

Art Worth Steeling, featuring Julia Connelly, Antonella Crescimbeni, Bobby Hricko, Colin McGarry, and Sean O’Neill will be on view in the Patterson Gallery April 18-April 22.

Steel, an endlessly fascinating material, can bend, twist, slump, shine and dazzle. It can be welded for rugged utility to create internal mainframes or machined and polished for a precision fit. In short, it is awesome!

For their final projects, artists in ART 330 were encouraged to utilize a range of materials in individually proposed concepts while incorporating the strength and versatility of steel. In some cases, outdoor site- specific works have been created. In other instances, objects or interactive works have been installed within the Patterson Gallery’s circulation pattern.

Mia Chen’s project will be on view on the middle pad between the Business and Forest Resources Buildings between April 18-May 3.

Mary Cate Fruehan’s work will be on view in front of the Patterson Building between April 18-May 3 and Katherine Tiernan’s interactive pieces will installed on the back courtyard of the Patterson Building from April 18-May 3.

Sidney Mullis will have work included in her larger thesis show entitled, What Mom Don’t Know, located in the Zoller Gallery in the Visual Arts Building from April 18-22.

All are welcome to unleash their inner metal head and celebrate these artist’s creativity and work during a reception in the Patterson Gallery on Tuesday, April 19th at 5:30. Light refreshments will be served!

ART 330 co-Instructor, Matthew J. Olson (Mattalica), is faculty in the School of Visual Arts and SoVA’s Shop Supervisor. He received his B.F.A., Sculpture, Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2007, his M.A., Sculpture, from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2009 and his M.F.A., Sculpture, from The Pennsylvania State University in 2012. Prior to receiving his B.F.A., Olson worked as a union concrete mason and certified Journeyman welder for one of the largest bridge construction companies in the Midwest. 

ART 330 co-Instructor, Bonnie Collura ( Steel Magnolia), is an Associate Professor at the School of Visual Arts. She is fond of igniting acetylene and strives to put the “heavy” in heavy metal. She received her B.F.A., Sculpture, from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996 and her M.F.A., Sculpture, from Yale University in 1998. Her approach to welding is both pragmatic and experimental.