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Art Educators Unite for Change

“Every K-12 art teacher and university professor of art education who wishes to become aware of the current state of art education should read this book.” –Brent Wilson, Professor Emeritus, SoVA

Stand(ing) Up for a Change: Voices of Art Educators is a newly released book created by art educators, including SoVA Art Education faculty and alumni who have chapters in the anthology. It was edited by two SoVA Art Education alumni. Standing up for change requires passion and transformational leadership. One aspect of leadership is the delicacy of negotiating for multiple voices to be represented, toward social justice. Where does this type of leadership come from, and how can we encourage it? How do we teach others to be activists? Where are these lessons in our teaching training? Stand(ing) Up, for a Change explores these questions.

The contributors to this book are risk takers, and it is through their stories that concepts of standing up are shared, including how teachers challenged high-stakes testing, unyielding standards, racism, privatization, uncritical curricula, and other institutional and ideological constraints. The use of art as a tool to overcome injustice and arts-based activism to stand up for the rights of marginalized students and teachers are also explored. Narratives are shared about crossing disciplinary and geographical borders, to engage various community members—including children and youth from rural, suburban, and urban areas in the United States and abroad. The stories also address the difficulty of standing up for change and the limits of being critical, through self-reflecting on fantasies, experiences, and disappointments of enacting social change.

“Standing up for a change takes courage and vision. However, with the advent of this text, it does not have to be a lonely endeavor.” –Patricia L. Stuhr, Ph.D., Dean and Campus Executive Officer, University of Wisconsin at Marshfield/Wood County

Text Courtesy of the Authors and Editors of this publication