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School of Visual Arts

Art Education Graduate Student Participates in Black Beauty Colloquium

Alphonso Grant

Alphonso Grant, Ph.D. student in Art Education, recently participated as a panelist in the Black Beauty Colloquium on Penn State’s University Park campus. The event was an opportunity for members of the Penn State community to have frank and productive conversations about Black beauty. Grant was a member of the first of two panels, titled The Blacker the Berry.

The colloquium sponsors intended the event as an opportunity to consider ways in which skin color, attire, body shape, and image have influenced and continue to influence the African American freedom struggle. The conversation was framed by the documentary Dark Girls, a film about colorism based on skin tone. The second panel, From Sarah Baartman to Beyonce: The Black Body in the White Mind, focused on the Black body and popular culture. Panelists each presented brief statements before the floor was opened to the audience for questions and discussion.

The colloquium was coordinated by Crystal Sanders, assistant professor of history and African American studies, and was sponsored by the Department of African American Studies, the Penn State NCNW, and the Penn State NAACP.

Photo Caption:

From left to right, Professor Jeanine Staples, Doctoral Student Alphonso W. Grant, Undergraduate Rhoda Moise.