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Art Ed Faculty and Grad Students Contribute to Routledge Handbook

Routledge Handbook Cover Image

Several College of Arts and Architecture faculty members and graduate students have contributed to the recently released “Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research,” for which Kimberly Powell, associate professor of education and art education, was a co-editor. The book is aimed at artists, scholars, researchers, educators and students of arts theory interested in a full understanding of ‘interculturality’ and the arts, and the creative, methodological and interconnected possibilities of theory, practice and research.

B. Stephen Carpenter II, professor of art education, and art education doctoral candidates Sue Uhlig and Lillian Lewis co-authored the chapter, “Calling critical work into question: A case of arts-based performance as intercultural public pedagogy and participatory inquiry.”

Powell and Christopher Schulte, assistant professor of art education, co-authored the chapter, “’Radical hospitality’: Food and drink as intercultural exchange.”

Charles Garoian, professor of art education, authored the chapter, “Performing research as swimming in perpetual difference.”


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