The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Annalisa Barron Receives Prestigious Filmmaking Award

Annalisa Barron is a senior BFA student in SoVA’s Drawing and Painting area, but her talents don’t stop there. She’s also an accomplished sculptor, musician, and filmmaker. Recently Annalisa received the 2013 Canada International Film Festival Award of Excellence in Filmmaking in the student category (undergrad/grad) for her short film titled Chair Man.

About her work, Barron said, “Through film, installation, sculpture, and painting I sift through the debris of lives rendered material, the thinking behind modification and ornamentation of the body, and of the commodification of the world around us.” She added, “I'm an artist. I like to make and find things. I'm happy when my hands are dirty at the end of the day.”

Barron’s current project is another short film, titled Incarnate. A stop-motion animation, Incarnate includes a marionette, sculptures, and art and is both a recycling effort and a socially satirical allegory about our culture’s relationship with ‘things.’ The plot of the film is an illustration of different ways that people use their possessions to create their identities, and calls attention to our unhealthy relationship with 'stuff.' The main character, the marionette, adds and adjusts the materials that make up its body, fills its chest with keepsakes until it is too full to walk, and then finally eats a book in order to feed its need for self-realization. 

Through the changing of its appearance, and through collecting specific possessions, the main character personifies the peculiar relationship between animate life and inanimate objects. Incarnate will be shown with its sculpture in the Bunker Projects gallery space on the first Friday of April 2013, as part of Pittsburgh’s Unblurred Gallery Crawl.

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