The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Ann Tarantino's "WATER LAB" in the Borland Project Space

Ann Tarantino

WATER LAB, a pop-up artist's studio and creative laboratory, will unfold in the Borland Project Space over the course of five weeks, from February 2 through March 6. During this time, Ann Tarantino will undertake research and studio work in support of a new, cross-disciplinary course proposal called Seeing Water. In the course of regularly scheduled lab hours(10 am to 1 pm, M-F), Tarantino will craft the nascent structure of the course while exploring the role and representation of water in visual traditions from across the globe. She will use water as both medium and subject while developing a body of two- and three-dimensional drawings created within the space. Making visible the relationship between practice-based and traditional research methods, this project explores how water might emerge as a shape-shifting contemporary medium and muse.

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