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Alfred Tokyo Show

Penn State School of Visual Arts Assistant Professor and alumnus Brian Alfred is participating in the group exhibition TOKYO / LONDON / NEW YORK at MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY in Tokyo. The show, on display through October 8, introduces the works of three artists living in those major cities across the world—Aki Inomata in Tokyo, Kentaro Kobuke in London, and Brian Alfred in New York.

A feeling of incredible lightness comes from getting on a plane with just your laptop, passport, and minimal luggage in hand, or else just an iPhone in your pocket, and the next moment finding yourself in a totally different spot on the earth. Or maybe that kind of physical movement isn’t even necessary for us any more in the ‘warp’ of modernity we live in. With our highly complex forms of communication that transcend the restrictions posed by maps and time, truths that go beyond cultural differences and modes of thought, possessing both anonymity and universality, can have huge numbers of people across the world sharing their thoughts within a single instant.

While the exhibition features artists from New York, London, and Tokyo, it could just as well have been Tehran, Buenos Aires, and Chiang Mai - or any other city. As we join up our computers to the 'net and thereby assume a nomadic presence in that imaginary world, we become part of a ‘bigger story’ as well as the protagonist of our own personal ‘small stories’. As it explores key concepts such as sharing, anonymity, noise, conflict, symbols, and the individual, the exhibition investigates contemporary forms of expression making tracks in this complex, fragile world of ours.

Click here for the complete story. Text courtesy of MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY

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