The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

2015 Graduate Research Exhibition

Graduate Research Exhibition

Congratulations to the MFA participants and winners of the 30th Graduate Research Exhibition!

Penn State’s Graduate Research Exhibition celebrates research in all its aspects as an essential and demanding part of graduate education at Penn State. The Graduate Research program includes a Visual Arts Exhibition, designed for those graduate students for whom creating studio work is a required part of their graduate degree program.

This year’s award winners were Xiaojiao Shao, who took first place; Kevin Reilly, who took second place; and Emily Burns and Xin Wen, who took third place. Xiaojiao Shao has completed her MFA degree with a concentration in new media. Working toward their MFA degrees are Kevin Reilly with a concentration in photography, Emily Burns with a concentration in graphic design, and Xin Wen with a concentration in new media.

Also exhibiting were Apolinar Concepcion, Jeremy Dennis, Brian Gaither, Matthew Kenney, Sidney Mullis, Farima Safaitakhtehfooladi, Nara Strete, Kree Wiede, and Tianxiao Yang.