The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

2013 Arts Crawl

Installation in Sculpture Studio for 2013 Arts Crawl

The seventh annual Arts Crawl took place on Friday, April 5.  Hosted by Students Organizing the Multiple Arts, the event catered to arts lovers of all ages. Both Penn State students and visitors had plenty of different exhibits to look at, take part in, and listen to. As you moved throughout buildings on north campus, you could experience all different types of art. There were various musical acts playing alongside student art displayed on the walls. Many Penn State student art clubs had their own exhibits, such as films in the Palmer Museum by the Student Film Organization and the Pennsylvania Art Education Association's craft table in the hallway of the Visual Arts Building.  The Sculpture Club had several installations on the sides of the sculpture room that guests could walk through while listening to the bands play in the main part of the room.

The evening ended with a concert by indie rock and alternative hip hop band, WHY?, on the third floor of the Visual Arts Building. While listening to the band, guests were encouraged to get up on stage and paint a huge banner that read "Arts Crawl 2013."  The evening's festivities provided the opportunity to explore different forms of art as well as take part in creating them. It also served as a good example of how different forms of art can be mixed to create an entirely different and unique experience.

Report courtesy of Samantha Hopkins, Arts Crawl Public Relations Coordinator