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Min Gu

Min Gu
Art Education
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210 Patterson Building, University Park, PA 16802
As a researcher, I work with artists who have disabilities. My research problematizes conceptions that consider disability as a personal, biological deficit and explores how disability can be a creative force to produce new knowledge of art, experience, body, and material. I am an artist, mainly practicing Chinese ink paintings. In summer 2016, I was invited to a contemporary art studio for artists with disabilities in the United States, to hold a Chinese Ink Painting and Calligraphy Workshop for the artists there. Below are some images of artworks from that workshop, including some of mine. As an art educator, I have been working with students in different learning environments. I worked with students from the course ART 001 Introduction to Visual Arts on campus at University Park in 2018 and online via World Campus in 2017. In 2017, I mentored preservice teachers from the course ART ED 489 - Advanced Practicum, who taught first to fifth-grade students at Saturday Art School, a university directed art program for children at Penn State. My experience of working with children with autism and artist with disabilities made me question stereotypes and “normal” representations of art, experience, and ways of learning. It also changed my understanding of my role as an art educator. I see myself no longer an instructor but a facilitator. As I continue to explore what art can be with my students, I listen to and learn from them who challenge, shape, and better my teaching. PUBLICATIONS: Gu. (2019). Archiving Spaces: Walking, Murmuring, and Writing with Artist Nicole Storm. Special issue on Disability, Art, Justice, and Intersectionality in the International Society for Education Through Art Journal. Graeme Sullivan & Min Gu (2017). Possibilities of Research—the Promise of Practice. Art Education. RECENT PRESENTATION: (2018, Mar). With Dr. Kimberly Powell. Bodies in Difference: Researching material embodiments of walking, moving, and making, Presented at the 2018 National Art Education Association Conference, Seattle, WA, U.S.