The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Michele Randall

MFA (Printmaking)
Office Address: 
238E Theater
Michelle Randall's work explores the membrane between private and public personas. While social media and Reality TV have shifted personal boundaries, there is still a human need to establish private spaces and hidden identities. Randall's work explores the private habitats created to protect space, maintain privacy and insulate against exposure. Within these relationships she considers issues of control, expectation, disappointment, anger, and fear. Randall looks at the transition from moments of complete vulnerability to distinct separation. Often these moments flutter back and forth until an indelible change occurs. She pursues this idea by mining candid photographs and memories through which she has captured personal events or anonymous observations. These images are pulled apart, manipulated and reassembled to create new relationships and compositions. Her work incorporates both hand drawn work and laser cut templates, producing mono-prints that reflect individual moments. Randall hopes the viewer connects with the ambiguous nature of the multiple forms, particularly as we, as individuals, assimilate to larger global identities.