The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Melissa J. Leaym-Fernandez

Resrarcher, Teaching Artist, Wife, & Mother
Teaching Artist
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107 Arts Cottage
Her research interests include the work of women artists in Asia and topics such as trauma, economic equity, classism, and the intersectionalities of oppressional systems and how the inequalities manifest in the artwork of Asian women artists. Within her own artmaking as research, one can see womanly themes are active in her artworks as a painter. These themes can include motherhood, the roles of women as nurturer, leader, parent, advocate or provider, plus the family as a social unit. She also is interested in the effects of how artmaking can assist the brain's development and the centering of self though art meaning-making processes after trauma; Further, she is interested in equitable curriculum for arts education for children and adults. As a victim-survivor-thriver herself, she has and will continue to use artmaking as a method for healthy living. She also celebrates the roles she lives, painter, wife, mother, and teaching artist unapologetically in her research and artmaking.