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Matthew Olson

Matt Olson
Shop Supervisor/Assistant Professor of Art
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108A Visual Arts Building
Matthew Joseph Olson was born and raised in Minnesota. He grew up on a small farm and for a number of years worked as a union laborer in several fields of the construction industry, including masonry, welding and bridge building. Fueled by a passion to create objects of his own design, Matt enrolled in school and began his journey of becoming an artist and educator. Majoring in sculpture, he received his BFA and MA from Minnesota State University-Mankato. Matt continued his graduate studies at Pennsylvania State University and received an MFA in Spring 2012. For the past several years, Matt has been working within the SoVA community on a variety of projects. Currently, he is an Instructor in the sculpture area as well as the Shop Supervisor for the school’s woodworking and metalworking facilities. His sculptural work has been exhibited locally as well as nationally. He lives in Bellefonte, PA with his wife Bonnie and their cat Louise.