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School of Visual Arts

Katie Hovencamp

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103G Visual Arts
Katie Hovencamp is an interdisciplinary artist, creating work that spans sculpture, painting, drawing and performance. Interested in revealing when a construct fractures a unified experience of being present within one’s body; her work questions hierarchies built by a body politic. Finding correspondences within the structure of fairy tales, conversations of gender identity and standards of beauty, she uses the body’s physicality as a material bridge to an empathetic experience. Through installations, performances and sculptures she creates specific tasks that force the body to respond in a shamanistic manner. By using durational, repetition and endurance based actions; her goal is to create an embodied experience that summons vulnerability for both the performer and the viewer. In this way, she becomes the host for the engendered body to compel an empathetic response. Hovencamp has studied at the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University in 2009.