The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Amy Migliore

Art Education Graduate Teaching Assistant
Area of Study: 
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310 Patterson
Formed from the circles of artists and musicians, I set out to strengthen my natural tendencies through my Related Arts BFA from Kutztown University. The interdisciplinary focus of blending visual arts with the performing arts was a natural fit that culminated with large public productions. I learned quickly that my heart was passionate for seeing people grow and develop; so once I finished my certificate to teach art education, I soared through a wonderful journey of teaching in public and private schools for the past 15 years. Along that journey technology radically evolved and showered the art world with new tools and means of investigating and expressing. My master's degree dealt with utilizing technology in the classroom, and I sought out ways to incorporate these inventions into tools of visual communication. I believe the arts are a bridge that connects and interweaves through all knowledge. It is an investigation tool, a vehicle for understanding, a partner for thinking and a visual construct of culture. I believe the real change-makers in this shifting education terrain are the teachers at the front lines--in classrooms everyday! It is their voice and the voice of the children that I want to amplifyIn this effort! As the Chair for Design Issues on the board of PAEA, I have developed and maintained a challenge that is focused on the potential capacity for all students to be confident creators. The design Challenge Project Innovate, has meant to be a launchpad program for students and their teachers in K-12 schools and colleges. You can discover more about it by visiting the website below.