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Undergraduate Students

"There are so many people who impacted me at Penn State. The generosity of SoVA's painting faculty and their willingness to engage students beyond their courses is really noteworthy—I learned so very much about making art and being a working artist."   
          –Lindsey Landfried (BFA and Schreyer Honors Scholar)

Penn State’s School of Visual Arts (SoVA) offers a range of undergraduate degree programs, including Bachelor of Science (in Art Education), Bachelor of Design (in Interdisciplinary Digital Studio), Bachelor of Fine Arts (in Art), as well as Bachelor of Arts (in Art).

SoVA is small school of art and design situated within Penn State’s University Park campus. SoVA offers students the opportunity to participate in intimate studio courses, to be a part of a creative community, and have access to abundant student resources.  Our undergraduate students are immersed in art and design curricula from their first year of study and are mentored by faculty advisors throughout their undergraduate experience.