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Alumni Program Group (APG)

alumni name plates created for BFA graduating class of 2013

SoVA's alumni are joined together by their shared experiences during their student days and also by their membership in a large and vital alumni association after graduation. Our alumni are represented by the School of Visual Arts Affiliate Program Group (APG).

All alumni of the Penn State SoVA are members of the SoVA Affiliate Program Group regardless of their membership in the Penn State Alumni Association. A Board of Directors provides leadership for the APG, and is elected from the membership at-large for a term of three years.

Below is a statement from APG President Will Snyder:

What’s in a name?  

As we prep this week for the College of Arts and Architecture’s 50th anniversary, we are taking some first new steps in welcoming our new batch of alumni to the SoVA Alumni Group - those graduating BFA’s.  

I’m thrilled to announce that we have put together our first Alumni Group gift - aluminum name plates for each graduate.  

Remember when you first had your name on a gallery wall?  Or maybe in a catalog or on the wall in your studio.  Something about it solidifies your existence.  There is something to our names, particularly as artists - our work is often directly tied to our name; and as students launch into their next phase of creative work, it is our hope to honor their name, their hard work, and give them a marker of this season. 

We are also now working to streamline how we hear about alumni news, shows, stories and promote them as well.  The Facebook Group is growing, and I encourage you all to take a moment to poke around to see what the SoVA alumni are up to.  About a week ago, I spent some time perusing the net, searching some of those old names from my stint at PSU.  Nostalgia is a fascinating thing, and once I cracked the surface, I found myself delighted to see so many of my peers making really great work and lives for themselves.  I’d forgetten many names, but given a list of my class, it sparked many memories.  So as we build the network of our alumni and connect...we look to add to the SoVA site, and make it easier to find out information about those from your class.

As always, we continue to look for individuals interested in serving on the board, ideas for meet ups around the country, and ways to gather our network of alumni.  



William Snyder III
SoVA Alumni Group