The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Mind Field by Joe Julian

The Edwin W. Zoller Gallery will showcase SoVA's Artist in Residence Joe Julian's exhibition Mind Field.  The exhibition will be on display April 29 - May 10, with a reception Friday May 3, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Joe will give an artist talk on Thursday, May 2 at noon in the Zoller Gallery.

The Mind Field of Joe Julian

Joe Julian is a mindful person. Reflective. Open. As he says, he “learns from everybody” because everybody is “teaching all the time.” Joe is a student of life. He is also a traveller, and life and the journey have always been the same. Even his early training in medicine couldn’t be contained within the border of preset knowledge. He hit the road young. He wanted to see what life offered as “a guest in someone else’s world.” Watchful. Respectful.

Joe’s journey into art began in his mind, even as he trained in medical science and later in neurology. Ever present was an awareness that knowledge comes in all shapes and forms because the traveller is always a learner. Joe remembers a time in Cambodia when he was showing a visitor around a rehabilitation center and a Khmer Rouge soldier was brought in who had stepped on a land mine and had his legs shattered. That day Joe had to assist the sole surgeon on duty with the operation to amputate the soldier’s legs. In rehab a few weeks later Joe was making the soldier’s training legs from the most abundant local resource available, bamboo. He reflects on his time making prosthetic limbs from bamboo in Cambodia and muses that “the big thing that came out of that time was the stewardship of resources.”

Graeme Sullivan, April 2013.