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Suplemento Dominical do Jornal do Brasil by Simone Osthoff

Professor Simone Osthoff’s ongoing research on the Suplemento Dominical do Jornal do Brasil, 1956–1961, has a new video component, thanks to a Faculty Research Grant from the College of Arts and Architecture. Over the summer, Osthoff and SoVA alumna Candice Ng produced a three-minute video that focuses on the evolution of the graphic design of this publication over the six years of its existence. The project can be viewed at It’s currently a private video that can be accessed via a password: SDJB In addition to a design revolution that is part of the Concrete Poetry and Art movements in Brazil, there are a few lesser-known artworks that exist only on the pages of this publication. Besides making this research available to a larger audience beyond the Portuguese-speaking public, a goal is to throw new light on the Neoconcrete legacy by engaging it both as subject and archival research methodology. This short video is the first module produced as part of a longer project that involves presenting this research in writing as well as in visual and interactive formats.