The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Stephanie Snider Thresholds

Schmidt & Handrup is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition by American artist Stephanie Snider in Cologne, Germany, on display through December 21, 2012. Snider is an assistant professor in the School of Visual Arts. The threshold is the linking element of the works in Snider's exhibition. A threshold marks a point of entry or beginning. It is a literal architectural detail that defines the bottom of a doorway, a border between interior and exterior, a point at which potential wonder and curiosity are still intact, to find what might be on the other side Snider’s sculptures and collages function as thresholds for fictional places. Starting from the notion of a puppet stage, stage, or game board on which a fairy tale is told, the works utilize architecture as a metaphor for psychological space, while building a landscape both playful and blackly comic. Architectural structures invite or cajole the viewer. These tiny formal and conceptual clues trigger narratives that envelop the viewer in a mystery that remains solely potential, leaving traces of past or future presences and the neurotic knots therein. Text courtesy of Schmidt & Handrup