The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

Senior BFA Exhibition “E.V.E. Erectus Vegetabilis Evitaneus”

Senior BFA Exhibition “E.V.E. Erectus Vegetabilis Evitaneus” on Display in Patterson Gallery


Annalisa Barron’s figures come to life through her stop-and-go animated films. Using mixed media techniques, Barron works with found objects to create her muse. Barron’s first female character, E.V.E. represents fertility and a different interpretation of motherhood. She wanted the latin meaning of the actual words (Erectus Vegetabilis Evitaneus) to remain open and unlimited. For example, Evitaneus means eternal, Vegetabilis, animate or capable of growth, and Erectus, upright. Barron liked the idea of upright being used as a reference to both morality and science. In her on-screen debut, E.V.E. will transform both at the hand of modern science and the cycles of nature.