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School of Visual Arts

Postcard from the Art from Arms Project in Albania

Part of the sabbatical program for Professor John Bowman and Assistant Professor Ann Stostrom has been the continuation of their collaborative public art project, Art from Arms in Albania. The images show the most recent project in Shkodra, Albania. The pieces are installed in a public park in the center of the city, across the street from the municipal offices, near the historical district. The sculptures are made from decommissioned Cold War Era weapons. Roses have been planted to grow over the dome of the pavilion, made using the tail fins of mortar shells. The pavilion was designed by Genc Permeti, artist and professor at the Albanian Academy of Art, and School of Visual Arts faculty Helen O’Leary, Ann Shostrom, and John Bowman. This project was made possible through collaborative funding provided by the Albanian Ministry of Defense, Albanian Academy of Art, and the College of Arts and Architecture.