The Pennsylvania State University

School of Visual Arts

From Our SoVA Alumni Group President

Well, WIUA!  What is up alumni?  (That’s text-speak for all you grads from the ’70s.) Well...I’ll tell you…it’s now been roughly one year since we got into this alumni group endeavor, and while it might be slow going, we are building some momentum around the “what-happens-after-you-graduate” syndrome...  How to get viral and infect the body of  SoVA.  Our social media is getting there thanks to our Facebook group, and we are looking forward to some great events this spring. For complete event details please visit SoVA's event calendars for our John M. Anderson Lecture Series as well as our Edwin W. Zoller Gallery. As alumni, you know what happens after graduation.  You’ve lived it. Perhaps you had some quibbles with Penn State during your stay, and maybe you’re still paying off that student loan.  Or perhaps you're a high-profile artist, flitting around the globe, going to opening after opening. You could be creating a family, or a business around your body of work, writing grant after grant, or maybe you married some money and can just sculpt all day...  (bet you all wish for the latter.  With five decades of alumni, we sure have some history.   Whatever your creative outlet wound up being, I’m glad you’re a part.   “Why Shame the Name?”   You know how the alma mater goes... “may no act of ours bring shame...” The inverse, obviously, is to let everything we do bring some honor and success.  It’s not as though it’s a mystery, that with some 3,500 alumni, not everyone is sculpting all day and flitting the globe with another $200,000 commission... granted there are some, but I’d say the majority of you reading this have probably enjoyed a great life, creating as you can, in whatever ways you can.  Maybe you’re still scratching at the wall to get a break, and if you're in  the pit of uncreative despair, you can get out!  That’s why we’re here.   Correct me if I’m wrong, but maybe you could use a little nudge to dust off that sketchbook and remember the feel of clay in your hands.  I couldn’t encourage you more to take a moment to reflect and remember that thread knitting us together. “May no act of ours bring shame.” Powerful words, and some powerful inspiration.  Maybe it will help you get up a bit earlier to write or read.  Maybe it will push you to enter that art show, or doodle on napkins like you forgot you enjoyed. To go sign up for that workshop, enter that competition, or teach your grandkids how to draw, see, and think.   Let’s remember that as we work, live, and succeed, we bring success to the name.  There’s no stopping it.  We can’t change that we’ve all got some Penn State running in our veins.   As you enter that show, or doodle that doodle, keep the rest of us in the loop.  Post it on Facebook or send us a note. You have no excuse!  We want to see it, to be encouraged by your creativity, and hear of your success.   To all of you who don’t want to boast of your accomplishments…three words:   Get. Over. It.  And, send us the news!   If you REALLY don't want to talk about your “own fine self,” then at least send us a link so we can tell the story for you.   There’s a lot to tell, I’m sure.   So, have a great month you industrious creatives, and enjoy being a success. Best, William Snyder III President, SoVA Alumni Group ’06 M.F.A. Printmaking '03 B.A. Integrative Arts