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School of Visual Arts

New Faculty Book: <em>Remix Theory</em>

Eduardo Navas is a visiting assistant professor of art working with students in SoVA’s New Media and IDS programs, where he teaches a range of digital art courses that draw on his expertise in cultural analytics and digital humanities. Eduardo also collaborates with artists and institutions in various countries to organize events and develop new forms of publication and creative production. Eduardo’s new text, Remix Theory: The Aesthetics of Sampling, has just been published by Springer Eduardo argues that Remix, as a form of discourse, affects culture in ways that go beyond the basic recombination of material in art, music, and new media. His investigation locates the roots of Remix in early forms of mechanical reproduction, beginning in the nineteenth century with the development of the photo camera and the phonograph, leading to contemporary remix culture. This book places particular emphasis on the rise of Remix in music during the 1970s and ‘80s in relation to art and media at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Navas argues that Remix is a type of binder, a cultural glue—a virus—that informs and supports contemporary culture. See Eduardo’s website at  He can be contacted at